The changing demographics and the shift from old guard to new generation actors have created an uncertain field for movie producers. Are we witnessing our first-ever golden age for movies?

At the moment, most of us watch movies and television on a regular basis. Many of us have seen them at least once in our life time. Yet, there are still many people who don’t know where to watch a certain movie or TV series. It is not impossible that Apple uses its own movie-watching assistant for AppleTV. It may be possible for Netflix to do something similar through its Netflix TV app or so on.

For English-speaking countries, the biggest movie is still the big blockbuster. It seems that we have shared some of our favorite movies with others. But typically, people would rather have a “difficult” movie. A few people share their favorite ‘easy’ movies as well but we’d like to encourage you to watch some ‘difficult’ ones instead…

The release of the latest movie in your country is a day to be remembered. Many people are usually eagerly waiting for that day. When a new movie releases, everybody wants to see it and watch it from the comfort of their home with no need to go out.

Amazon released Alexa this week and they announced that they are planning to sell books by voice through Amazon’s virtual bookstore. However, first of all, they will introduce Alexa as an assistant through which users can interact with various products and services on Amazon e-commerce website. Eventually, the company aims to make it possible for customers to buy things by simply talking with their smart speakers or even gather information about what the customer needs from them based on their preferences and habits while exploring related products on Amazon’s websites or shopping malls.

It’s usually done to promote the movie and its release date in order to generate buzz. This is an opportunity for moviegoers, however, it can be harmful if it’s done with the intent of generating hype.

This technique is annoying if done by companies that are known for hype-based marketing campaigns. It causes unnecessary irritation in customers. If a company does this intentionally, then this is not only unethical but also annoying for customers who have just spent time waiting for the film and don’t want to be disturbed by commercials on their mobile phones while they are watching a movie.