Others might think that they are just a way to advertise the next big blockbuster movie.

Here we will look at the different ways that movie exhibitors are getting ready for the upcoming “summer blockbuster season”. And one of them is the way they are planning to promote their films.

The marketing department at an American movie company has a new idea. They want to create a unique promotional campaign for every film they produce, including those which have been dubbed a “summer blockbuster season’s movies”. At first, they thought of using celebrities’ names and pictures but realized it would be tough to pull that off, so they decided on something completely different. Instead of naming a film after celebrities or focusing on their costumes or hairstyles, they decided to name it after the actual films themselves – specifically in this case the “summer blockbuster” films that were released in Summer 2013.

It is a day which movie lovers celebrate. They all go to see the premiere and see if the film was worth it. But there are only few films that can be seen at a premiere, for that reason there is a need for movie premieres to be organized in cinemas and theaters across the US. The screenings are noticed by many people as an event of great importance and as such, it also attracts attention from media outlets and celebrities who also want to attend. It’s no wonder that there has been a surge in popularity of Movie premieres in US cinemas .